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Home Healthcare Frequently Asked Questions

We work with your insurance company


  • Will Medicare pay for my services? Medicare has guidelines for reimbursement of home-health services. Please contact us to see if you or your loved one may meet the qualifications or benefit from an in-home RN evaluation.
  • How quickly can you start services? In most situations, we can start within 24 hours of your request. However, due to the nature of our services we may be able to initiate care even sooner.

Insurance Verification

  • Will you verify my insurance benefits and coverage? A Visiting Redi-Nurse will verify all insurance plans, both medical and long-term care policies. We will also obtain coverage guidelines to assure your policy is utilized and reimbursed according to policy guidelines.
  • Will you bill my insurance directly? A Visiting Redi-Nurse will bill directly all insurance providers, both medical and long-term care policies. We also obtain an assignment of benefits for ease of payment to the agency.

Rates and Billing

  • What do services cost? A Visiting Redi-Nurse rates depend on the type and length of time services are needed. We offer flexible services ranging from 1-24 hours of care. Please call to discuss your case or to get A Visiting Redi-Nurse evaluation at no charge to you or your loved one.
  • How do I pay for services? A Visiting Redi-Nurse will accept most forms of payment: Insurance, Medicare and private pay. Insurance and Medicare are billed directly and you are billed for any co-pay’s, deductibles or percentages owed on a weekly invoice. A personal check, Visa and MasterCard are accepted.
  • Do I pay the caregiver who comes to my home? No, never pay the caregiver directly. A Visiting Redi-Nurse assumes all responsibility for payment of the caregiver, as well as social security taxes, federal withholding, worker’s compensation and payment for liability.

Weather Concerns

During inclement weather conditions, A Visiting Redi-Nurse will do everything we can to meet our patient’s and client’s needs. When streets are unsafe for travel or the local authorities limit travel, we will notify patients of scheduling issues and develop an alternate plan for care. Through our emergency, preparedness plan for the agency all patients are prioritized by their level of skilled care needed and attended to by an acuity level.