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8 Ways Your Elderly Parent May Benefit From In-Home Companion Care


If you have an elderly parent who lives alone, then chances are they would benefit from some in-home companionship. When family members cannot always be there for their elderly parent, companion sitters and in-home care can be a beneficial service. Your loved one will receive assistance with daily activities, as well as personal companionship while maintaining their independence.

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4 Ways to Help Your Loved One With Dementia Get a Better Night's Sleep


If your loved one suffers from dementia and they never seem to get a good nights sleep, then realize that sleep problems are very common among dementia sufferers. In fact, an estimated 25 to 50 percent of all dementia sufferers experience sleep problems. Medical professionals believe that some dementia sufferers experience disrupted sleep patterns due to changes in the brain that occur as dementia progresses that affect their circadian rhythms. While you cannot control how your loved one's brain is changing over time, you can take steps to help them get a better night's sleep. Read on to learn four ways to help your loved one with dementia get a better night's sleep.

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